Shane "Rylie"
Ch Parador Syringa

Rylie is Rudy's great grand daughter, Riki's grand daughter and Willa's daughter.

She is very much like her mum in personality, with a little spark of independence that sometimes makes me want to throttle her and laugh all at the same time.

When we are hiking, I'm sure that Rylie covers twice the ground as everyone else, but she always comes back regularly to check on the rest of the family. She is a true athlete and very agile.

Rylie is self confident and a bit haughty, sometimes giving the impression that she finds the rest of us not quite up to snuff! But she's the first to clamour onto my lap in the Lazy Boy at the end of the day. She is protective and perhaps foolishly brave, once taking on a black bear that came too close to our cottage at Canim Lake.

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