We are pleased to announce the arrival of
Scout x Gunnar puppies, born on August 13th

More information on our Puppy Page

Newsflash: Brucie achieved his SILVER level of Am GCH on August 14, 2015.
BIS Am/Can MBISS Am Silver GCH Can GCH Parador High Road

Parador GSP's enjoy life to the fullest

Parador kids have been active and successful in show, field, and obedience. Riki (Am/Cdn Ch Parador Shirrocca CD, FDJ, JH) was the top winning GSP in Canadian history. But most of all, my GSP's are my best friends and companions.

Being versatile athletes, they love to run, swim and explore. Shorthairs need lots of exercise and attention to channel their energy (read "Amelia & The Shorthairs" and "The Carrier Gene").

The GSP is not the right breed of dog for everyone. They do best in a family environment. My dogs live in the house with me, and I select one each day to accompany me to the office, where a wicker basket is set up behind my desk. They love riding in the car, swimming, taking the breeze in the bow of our speedboat and canoe and especially hiking. At the risk of sounding like an ad in the Personals Column, my GSP's love long walks on the beach, backpacking in the mountains and cuddling on the sofa in front of the TV.

A Parador GSP is energetic and fun-loving, smart and personable. But, firm training early on followed consistently is a must to ensure a top companion, and a biddable dog in whatever endeavour you may choose - show, field, agility, or obedience.

Parador doesn't produce a lot of GSP puppies. Each litter is very selectively bred from top champion conformation blood lines for correct structure and at the same time preserving the essence of the breed with strong field backgrounds to prove birdiness and trainability. I selectively breed for sound temperament, for dogs with confidence and a steady nature without being wimpy. It is my opinion and breeding philosophy that neither shyness nor aggression have any place in this breed, but others disagree. My dogs are carefully placed in loving homes where they can be given the love, security, exercise, and stimulation that the GSP craves.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of
Scout x Gunnar puppies, born on August 13th

More information on this litter can found on our Puppy Page


Parador's record of consistency and performance over almost two decades does truly speak for itself.



From left to right: Cable, Tory, Rylie, Willa & Alix

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